Simple Summer photoshoot Style Inspiration


I still have availability for photo shoots this summer. I know its been suuuper hot but that's part of the reason why we do it at sunset when it has cooled down a bit.  If you are thinking about it or have a shoot scheduled with me, I would love to help style your shoot or help you coordinate your family's looks. I made this little collage above to show an example of a super simple but fun and casual ensemble for a family of 4. all the items are linked below and all are from Zara! I love linen shorts for boys and a simple timeless eyelit dress for a little girl. Hats are always fun too!  I love to pick items that are timeless and classic. That way if you are planning to hang or frame any of your family photos, you don't look at them years later and think, "UGG, why did I wear those double scrunch socks and crop top!"



Here are all the links to the above items: