Smashing Cakes by some Lakes.. {NJ Family Photography}

I’m pretty sure I say this every blog post, but I am soooo behind on blogging. So much so, that I had to look back through my old emails to figure out where the heck we were when we did this shoot. I remember that this place was absolutely gorgeous but completely forgot the name of it!! Anyway, it was Lake Musconetcong in North West NJ. I grew up about 20 minutes from here and had no idea that it was here. It was an absolutely gorgeous spot! I dropped my boys off at my mom’s house and arrived here about 20 minutes early. I told my mom that I had to scout the area but really I just needed a break from my kiddos and it was amazing to just sit on a bench, look at that gorgeous view and breathe. That’s why when this family arrived, I was super relaxed and ready to enjoy our shoot!

This little cutie was about to turn 1 and he was just a joy to work with, so happy, and loved playing with his mom and dad. I even got to witness some of his first steps without holding on! After the family shots, he had an outfit change and we did a little cake smash! the photos below were from early on, but by the end there was icing everywhere! thank goodness his mom brought a ton of wipes.

NJ Family photography.jpg
NJ Family photography2.jpg
NJ Family photography3.jpg
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NJ cake smash photography.jpg
NJ cake smash photography2.jpg