"The letter of the day, Clap Clap" {Hoboken NJ first Birthday Photo Shoot}

  5 1/2 years ago, Ro and I were drinking whisky on a boat in Antarctica marveling at the Ice and Penguins and trying not to get seasick by drinking more whisky. Flash forward to now, with 3 children between us and we are exploring Motherhood which is far a more mysterious and some would say Arduous Expedition than Antarctica. And She, Her Husband and I find ourselves in the middle of a park singing Sesame Street at the top of our lungs, specifically the Letter of the day song to sweet little Nora to get a reaction out of her and I had to stop and think of how far we had come (literally). I often like to send a little message to my former self, like a note in a bottle, with a snapshot of my life now and just imagine what she would think. What a difference 5 years makes, and while I sometimes miss the freedom we had back then, i'm more excited to have some little explorers to show the world to. We have already planned our Kids' wedding in Antarctica so stay tuned for that in like 2048 ;)

  This shoot was actually my first true golden hour shoot. The light is just amazing right before sunset but it sets so late in the summer and is usually past most kids' bedtime. Ro agreed to let Nora stay up a little past her bedtime and I'm so glad she did. She is an absolute living doll and the sun just made a perfect little halo around her angelic face.

  After the shoot, Ro and I went out for a glass of whisky :) Sometimes Motherhood and Antarctic Exploration are really not so different at all.

Hoboken NJ Family Photography.jpg

My Shooting style is really relaxed and I find that people are often super surprised when they see the photos because they didn't realize I was able to get the shots that I did. often times, the kids were crying or not sitting still. I think its because of that notion that everyone has to sit still and stare at the camera in order to get a good photo but it's so the opposite. My favorite photos are from when kids were fussy and a parent comforts them, or when kids are just being themselves, playing and exploring and most of all interacting with their family. I much prefer these honest moments to any super posed photo. If you agree, please reach out to me. I would love to photograph your family!!!


Simple Summer photoshoot Style Inspiration


I still have availability for photo shoots this summer. I know its been suuuper hot but that's part of the reason why we do it at sunset when it has cooled down a bit.  If you are thinking about it or have a shoot scheduled with me, I would love to help style your shoot or help you coordinate your family's looks. I made this little collage above to show an example of a super simple but fun and casual ensemble for a family of 4. all the items are linked below and all are from Zara! I love linen shorts for boys and a simple timeless eyelit dress for a little girl. Hats are always fun too!  I love to pick items that are timeless and classic. That way if you are planning to hang or frame any of your family photos, you don't look at them years later and think, "UGG, why did I wear those double scrunch socks and crop top!"



Here are all the links to the above items:











What to expect during a Newborn session with me. {Maplewood NJ Newborn photoshoot}

I try to keep my Newborn sessions as relaxed as possible. You just had a baby and that is a huge deal! I will not ask you to have your house spotless and you don't even have to take a shower if you don't have time, because no one can smell you in a photo :) LOL.  You can wait to get dressed until i'm there if you want my opinion on outfit choices, I really try to go with the flow.

This family was no exception. I have been photographing this family from the beginning of my Family photography journey. I photographed their newborn photos when their 2nd son was born and now they have just had their 3rd son. When I first arrived, we talked a bit and I scoped out the house to see which areas would have the best light for photos.  Usually I will start with full family shots, but in this case, the 2 older boys weren't quite feeling it so we started with some photos of mom and baby.


Maplewood NJ Newborn photography-3.jpg
Maplewood NJ Newborn photography-5.jpg
Maplewood NJ Newborn photography.jpg

I prefer to take most of the newborn photos while your babe is in your arms. I want everyone to be as comfortable as possible and it feels so unnatural to me to take baby away from his mom and place him in unnatural poses. That being said, I will usually take a few photos of the Newborn on the Bed either swaddled, in a diaper, or in a simple outfit or onesie and we will keep the poses very natural. If your baby is particularly sleepy, I may try to do a couple of shots with the diaper removed and the baby on his tummy, but to me, there is nothing more beautiful than a baby in his mothers' or fathers' arms.

Maplewood NJ Newborn photography-6.jpg
Maplewood NJ Newborn photography-7.jpg


We will take as many feeding breaks as are needed, if you are breastfeeding and are open to it, I can take some images of you feeding your little one. I took some of this beautiful mom and they are some of my favorite photos of the session.

to give you an idea of how this session was going early on, here is a pullback of Mom and baby and the 2 older brothers were still playing and burning off some energy and it's totally fine! I always want the littles to be happy. I may gently try to coax them over but if they aren't feeling it, we wait and they usually always come around eventually. Having a new sibling is a big adjustment for them too..


 I actually love this photo too, though. it's a real and honest portrayal of life with 3 kiddos.

I actually love this photo too, though. it's a real and honest portrayal of life with 3 kiddos.

I will also try to get some details shots of those little toes and hands and eyelashes while mom is holding or feeding the baby. Again, it's where he's most comfortable and it's less stress on everyone.

Maplewood NJ Newborn photography-4.jpg
Maplewood NJ Newborn photography-16.jpg
Maplewood NJ Newborn photography-11.jpg

I always try to get Dad in the frame as well. I know the Dad's all hate getting their photos taken but the way I shoot is (I think) pretty painless for them. It takes the pressure off of them as I make the focus more about baby and their connection with their new baby and with the family. If it's just dad and baby, I will often ask them to look at their baby or talk to their baby and If we are doing group shots I will often ask him to look at his wife or family. I may throw out some prompts to get more of an emotive response, such as ask how you met or even ask family members to tell one another what they think is most special about the other.

Maplewood NJ Newborn photography-8.jpg
Maplewood NJ Newborn photography-9.jpg
Maplewood NJ Newborn photography-10.jpg

Eventually these boys came around and came in to play with baby and it was on their own terms so they didn't look upset or forced. I didn't get shots of all 3 them all sitting on the bed and smiling at the camera but what I did capture was I think intimate and honest and really sweet.

Maplewood NJ Newborn photography-12.jpg
Maplewood NJ Newborn photography-15.jpg
Maplewood NJ Newborn photography-14.jpg
Maplewood NJ Newborn photography-13.jpg

I will always try to get a traditional group shot of the family as well because I know that's important for Grandparents, etc but that's not what I specialize in. I will be the first one to say that if you are looking solely for traditional portraits, I'm not your photographer. I want you to have photos that you are happy with and we all have different tastes and styles.

I will leave you with this cutie pie. he was definitely one of the most alert 3 week old babies I have seen! 

Maplewood NJ Newborn photography-17.jpg

A Beautiful blooming baby bump- Hoboken NJ Maternity Photo session

I am long overdue with this post. In fact It's quite likely that this beautiful Mama has had her baby by now. I really enjoyed spending time with this family and photographing this special moment in their lives. I think this Mom was a bit hesitant to get some Maternity photos as I find most moms are but I'm so glad that she did. She was gorgeous and glowing!  I am constantly amazed at the Miracles our bodies can do! It is such a beautiful thing that we can create and grow life inside of us and I think it's super important to document that time.  As I'm sure you know if you read my previous posts, I had my first son 10 weeks early so I did not get the chance to get this far along in my pregnancy the first time. Because of that, the 2nd time around I think I overcompensated and took a billion Maternity self portraits! It's really caused me to have a much greater appreciation for Maternity Photography.

I decided to show only the Black and White photos for this post. To me they feel more intimate and invoke a mood of quiet anticipation. Also, this little boy had the most stunning light blue eyes which I thought would look best in color but were actually super striking in black and white also.


Hoboken NJ maternity1.jpg
Hoboken NJ Maternity2.jpg
hoboken Nj Maternity3.jpg
Hoboken maternity4.jpg
Hoboken NJ Maternity5.jpg
Hoboken NJ Maternity6.jpg
Hoboken NJ maternity7.jpg
HobokenNJ Maternity9.jpg
Hoboken NJ Maternity8.jpg

Happy Memorial Day 2018

As with Most Holidays these days, Memorial Day has become synonymous with great Sales and consuming lots of food and drink. (why is every holiday about shopping and eating?) Don't get me wrong, I love shopping and eating but It's easy to lose sight of what it's really about which is to remember our fallen soldiers. This Friday, there were some US Marine Air Crafts at the High school which is less than a mile from my house. While we were at the park, they were flying overhead super low.  If I was not in the biggest Photography slump/funk of my life, I would have had my camera with me and would probably have shown you some photos of the boys looking up at the planes. But alas, I did not so I will post some photos of Last 4th of July. Oliver looks so much more grown up this year, its amazing how quickly they grow! I know everyone says that but it's so true. take as many photos as you can right now because in a year they will look completely different.  Enough of my rambling, I hope that everyone is enjoying this long weekend with lots of BBQ and fun with family and friends.



Rocking your photoshoot like a Mother! - Happy Mothers’ day to all the beautiful Moms I’ve had the pleasure of photographing

I’m so grateful to all the amazing mamas who have asked me to photograph their families. You totally rocked it. You didn’t sit and give a tepid smile to the camera, you embraced your kiddos with your whole heart, you laughed at my bad jokes and laughed even harder at your husbands’ bad jokes. You played with your kids, dried their tears, let them run wild for a night and have that extra ice cream cone and go to bed a little late. I hope your children will cherish these photos forever. That these won't just be the photos that they look back on and say, "wow mom was really beautiful" They will be the photos that they look back on and say, "Wow mom really loved me so much" or "Remember how much fun we had with mom?" and really, isn't that what it's all about? because one day they will be sulky teenagers and will probably tell you that you are the worst mom in the world for not letting them sleep over at their boyfriend's college dorm (definitely not a personal example) and you can quietly slip this photo under their door as a reminder of how much you love them.  Thank you again and I hope your kids spoil you this Mother's day!


Hoboken NJ newborn photography3.jpg
NJ family photography1.jpg
Hoboken NJ Newborn photography2.jpg
NJ Family photography2.jpg
NJ Family photography3.jpg
NY Newborn Photography1.jpg
NYC Family Photography1.jpg
Springfield NJ family photography2.jpg
Hobken NJ Newborn Photography1.jpg
SpringfieldNJ family photography1.jpg
Hoboken NJ family photography1.jpg
Hoboken NJ family photography2.jpg
Hoboken NJ family photography3.jpg

Outfit Inspiration for a Spring Photoshoot. -NJ Family photography

So I really went super preppy for my first outfit inspiration post. But something about Spring just lends itself to preppy, don't you think? I just want to wear stripes and seersucker all day every day!  Actually, that's a lie because I wear leggings every day, but you get my point.

By no means am I trying to tell you what to wear and my goal is to honestly capture a family for who they are and their uniqueness. If your family is most comfortable and happiest in ripped jeans, then I want to photograph you in ripped jeans. My only ask is to avoid loud patterns or graphic tees (the exception is if it is a birthday tee or "big brother/big sister" etc.).  For those who may want a little inspiration, I thought it might be fun to put some style boards together. Plus, who doesn't love a style board?

This is also a means to indulge my inner 13-year-old girl who wanted to go to fashion school and loved making collages from magazines... Another fun fact about me is that I used to work for a custom framing company in the upper east side. There was a little old lady who used to come in and ask me to cut out pictures of her grandchildren and glue them into story books and greeting cards. this had nothing to do with framing but she was one of those UES ladies that would make even Blair Waldorf shudder in her stilettos. If she asked you to do something, you just did it. Long story short, I was in charge of these extra requests because everyone knew I had a love for cutting and pasting :) so here we are....My first Outfit inspiration post.

I'm obsessed with this dress from Morning Lavender. If you have not heard of them, you should definitely check out their site. They have some beautiful dresses that would be perfect for photo shoots. They are definitely on the girly side but if you can't get super girly during a photo session, when can you? If I could pull it off,  I would even get myself one of their Tulle skirts but at 5'3, I would probably look like a giant cream puff in it.  I also love H&M for kid's clothes. I have a hard time getting clothes for the boys that don't have graphics all over them. If you follow me on Instagram, you will see that my eldest son really does not own any clothing that does not have dinosaurs on it. Even his winter coat was covered in dinosaurs. H&M has some really cute classic looks for boys and girls mixed in with some fun graphics stuff too.  I thought the girl's dress from Boden was a super sweet vintage style that reminded me of things I used to wear as a kid. I don't normally give a ton of thought to Men's clothing as my husband is allowed to wear chucks and graphic tees to work, but you can't go wrong with a classic seersucker Bermuda short for Spring photos. I have included all of the links to the clothing below the photo. If you have a shoot booked with me and need some guidance in outfit planning, please reach out to me and I would love to help!



Mom's dress: https://morninglavender.com/collections/dresses/products/aurora-off-white-floral-halter-dress

Baby boy outfit: http://www.hm.com/us/product/00252?article=00252-A

Girl's dress: http://www.bodenusa.com/en-us/girls-dresses/day-dresses/g0385-pnk/girls-provence-dusty-pink-spots-printed-nostalgic-woven-dress

Men's shorts: http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Classic-Stripe-Seersucker-Bermuda-Shorts/MY00178,default,pd.html


NJ lifestyle Maternity photography: My personal Maternity photos

I wanted to share a personal project of mine. This is clearly dated as my son is one now but while I was pregnant with him, I made it a point to take some photos of myself.  I generally did not like the way I looked when I looked in the mirror from day to day but when I got myself dolled up,  (sometimes not dolled up at all) and photographed my bump in beautiful light, I learned to see how beautiful my body was for what it was capable of doing. Some of you may know that my first son was born at 29 weeks, so with Fletcher, every week I made it past that point was a celebration and that was part of why I did this as well. I was on Activity restriction so I was not able to travel very far. Most of these were taken in my home or at the park down the street.


 This was at 19 weeks. I had Gestational Diabetes and my little guy was only 5lbs when he was born so my bump was pretty small in the beginning

This was at 19 weeks. I had Gestational Diabetes and my little guy was only 5lbs when he was born so my bump was pretty small in the beginning

 I believe this was around the 25-27 week point.

I believe this was around the 25-27 week point.

 I made sure to get Oliver in the frame also. He was so excited to get a little brother.

I made sure to get Oliver in the frame also. He was so excited to get a little brother.

 This photo and the next were taken between 29-30 weeks. the point that I had Oliver. so it was a big celebration that I was still pregnant and I felt that a lace dress was in order.

This photo and the next were taken between 29-30 weeks. the point that I had Oliver. so it was a big celebration that I was still pregnant and I felt that a lace dress was in order.

 This was at 35 weeks, I was huge but my pose along with the drape of the kimono helped to create a more slimming effect. Black and white helps as well.

This was at 35 weeks, I was huge but my pose along with the drape of the kimono helped to create a more slimming effect. Black and white helps as well.

 This was 36 weeks. my pose was similar to the one above to create a more slimming effect.

This was 36 weeks. my pose was similar to the one above to create a more slimming effect.

 sometimes you just need a flower crown because why not?!

sometimes you just need a flower crown because why not?!

 this was about a week before I had Fletcher in his newly completed nursery. My husband painted the mountains on the wall :)

this was about a week before I had Fletcher in his newly completed nursery. My husband painted the mountains on the wall :)

 here I was about 38 weeks. It was about a day or 2 before i went into labor and I wanted one last photo of me and my Oliver before it stopped being just the two of us.

here I was about 38 weeks. It was about a day or 2 before i went into labor and I wanted one last photo of me and my Oliver before it stopped being just the two of us.

I know a lot of the mom's I have photographed are not necessarily into Maternity photos or are not happy with the way the look while pregnant, but I really feel that it's such a special time in your life. Your body is doing something miraculous and amazing and it would be such a shame to not document it in some way. It doesn't have to be cheesy. as you can see above, we can focus on the bump or make some quiet moody images. Or if you want to go all out and wear the flower crown, we can do that too, I still have it!

If you are booking a newborn session with me, ask me about my package deal and we can add on a Maternity session for a deep discount!

"A wild 1"

When this beautiful mom contacted me to take photos for her daughter's first birthday, I was overjoyed. She was my first friend and used to live across the street from me when we were growing up. I have so many fond memories of long summer days making mud pies and riding bikes until sunset. I hadn't seen her in probably 20 years. We ended up doing family photos and some birthday photos at a park on the same street where we used to play as kids. I was so happy to see her again and meet her beautiful family! It was a gorgeous rare 75 degree spring evening and the adorable birthday girl just adored having her photo taken! Here are some of my favorite shots:



My Adorable Nephew, Peter IV

I took these a couple of weeks ago but have fallen so behind. This is my absolutely adorable nephew, Peter. He was about 3 1/2 weeks old when I took these. I'm so excited to watch him grow and for him and my boys to be friends. 



Chilly morning in Hoboken

This family are such good sports. I can't seem to photograph them at a temp above 55 degrees. Last year when I photographed them it was cold and windy.  I think it was hovering in the high 40's when I met them last weekend! You would never know it from these photos. They really stuck it out with me and we got some really fun shots!



It's fun to be One

I met this beautiful family on a Chilly fall afternoon last week. This gorgeous mama is one of my good friend's sisters so I've known her for years but this was my first time meeting her adorable little munchkin who is about to turn One!! Those Cheeks, though!!!! The sun was blazing through the leaves and they were glowing. It doesn't get more autumnal than this. 



I had to include this picture of that adorable little pout! 



I'm going to be an Auntie!

I'm already an Aunt to some amazing kiddos on my husband's side but this time my gorgeous baby sister is having a baby!! She is my first sibling to have a baby. Last weekend my mom and I threw her a baby shower at a beautiful waterfront restaurant in Weehawken called Molo's. Here are some photos from the day. As a side note, there is a very good reason why I have not posted in a year. I will introduce you to him in an upcoming post 😊



(the gorgeous flowers were arranged by my super talented Aunt Joan with Stony Hill Gardens in Long Valley, NJ) 



(cupcakes were made by Delightful Cake creations in Springfield, NJ) 


I know I certainly wasn't wearing beautiful shoes like this when I was pregnant! I think the only thing that fit my feet were ugg boots one size up!


Family photoshoot at Maxwell park

These photos were from a couple of weeks ago, I'm a little behind in posting. It was a bit of a chilly evening but this beautiful family didn't seem to mind. Especially when we ended with a trip to the playground! Here are some of my favorites from the shoot. 



1 year Anniversary Shoot

I have known Jo for about 5 years. When she introduced me to Alex, I knew right away that they were perfect for each other. I had the pleasure of attending their wedding last year and was overjoyed when they asked me to do Anniversary photos for them. We went to a beautiful park and I documented them exchanging their 1 year gifts. Here are some of my favorite shots from the day.



Halloween 2016

Our little monkey would not put on his costume and freaked out anytime we tried. Somehow my husband managed to get the costume on and once he realized people would give him candy for it, we couldn't stop him. He was running up to every house screaming, "Treats! Treats!" 



Almost three in NYC

I recently had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful Mom and her adorable Son at the Highline in NY. It was almost this cutie pie's Third birthday and we had a blast running around and exploring the different spots on the Highline. Here are some of my favorite shots of the day. It was so hard to narrow it down! 



Apples to Apples

Last weekend we had our annual family apple picking outing. My little man loves his apples and spent the whole time eating them right from the tree. Here are some of my favorite shots from the day. 



I scream, you scream...

What a beautiful family and what a beautiful evening for some ice cream!  I had so much fun photographing this family and watching how happy these cuties got when they got their ice cream.